Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exam time

Exam time in the CAT laboratory is a good time for checking the system – replace or refresh the image, check that the required features of the programs are functioning, empty the recycle bin, check that all programs are still installed, check LAN connections, etc., etc.

Exam invigilation in the CAT laboratory is a good time to look at the room and plan improvements, e.g. the layout and wall notices. Being in the room for the long invigilation sessions is a wonderful opportunity for contemplation and planning. Also walking around with a duster collecting dust (without disturbing those doing the exam) is a useful task if one needs something to do (use Wet Ones if there is not too much dirt ).

The change of tempo is actually refreshing!

Hope preparation and exams go well.

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Dr Pam Miller said...

Prior to the exam one must also check if the latest Java Control Pack has been installed, as well as Windows Updates. And if one is using an OO software version, if the latest updates have been installed.
This should be done before the learners start doing revision papers in the venue in which they are going to write.