Friday, November 11, 2011

ICT and teachers

I have just seen the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers. Take a look - Amongst the contributors are Sarietjie Musgrave (ex CAT teacher from Bloemfontein), Trudi van Wyk (ex Department of National Education), Fiona Beal (primary school teacher in Fish Hoek), Neil Butcher (consultant), Gerald Roos (consultant) and Kevin Sherman (Schools Unit at University of Cape Town) – all from South Africa. There may be more but I did not recognise their names.

My wish is that CAT teachers help the teachers at their schools upgrade their ICT skills. Give courses at your schools for teachers. My experience is that my colleagues did not come to my courses but the neighbouring school's teachers came.

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Anonymous said...

SA can compete with the best in the world, especially in this field.
CAT can show many countries how it should be done!