Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gr 10 Integrated task 3 on Pages 20-22

Does anyone else experience the same challenges? The Integrated Task at the end of Theme 3 is a ‘group’ task so why do the learners hand in separate sheets from each member of the group? If it is a group task then they should hand in ONE document with the same formatting for the WHOLE document, ONE set of page numbers, etc.
Once one has solved that problem, the next has appeared. At least 3 groups have put their Conclusion right after the Introduction! I thought that people know that the Conclusion comes right at the end!
I am getting the Bibliography right. They know they may not use Google in a bibliography - they must give the exact URL where they found the information. In the same way they know they may not give the door to the library in the bibliography, but the details of a book.
It seems that in CAT we have to teach basic writing skills, as well as computer and information management skills. My job is to teach but phew, sometimes! Again I realise the importance of CAT.

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