Sunday, September 30, 2007

Setting CAT examination papers

During the holidays I started setting my end of year exam papers. Here is what I will use as my check list for setting papers.
Written paper
Key words - Take key words of the Learning Outcomes into consideration: For the written paper it is mainly LO1 - ‘The learner is able to demonstrate operational knowledge of information and communication technologies and the environments in which they operate.’ The key word is ‘operational’.
Scenario - The paper set in a scenario, which the learners can identify with.
Conceptual level - The paper is set keeping a simplified Bloom’s taxonomy in mind with 3 categories with 30%, 40% and 30%.
What - The list of what should be examined is found on pages 32-35 of the LPG (Jan 2007). I do not know what the balance should be for each of the areas (rows in the table)

I do realise that I am in a transition phase between subjects and much studying of the official documents, i.e. NCS, LPG and SAG, still need to be done. Now that I have these points clear I will move on with greater clarity. I feel quite embarrassed that I had not noticed these important pages in the LPG before - I had mainly looked at the SAG!
I will look at the practical paper later.


Grant Hillebrand said...

I am also struggling with the balance between areas. When I did the question by question analysis of my mid-year Gr11 Theory paper, I realised the AS 11.1.1 was ~30% of the paper, yet it is only 1 of 15 AS's.
- I have the topic wrong, and need to focus more on the information side of things (there are 36 laws pertaining to information in SA, which we could overview),
- or the AS's are not evenly balanced, and we should pull out software, hardware and networking as separate AS's.
Anyone have any experience/ guidance or thoughts on this?
Grant H

Anonymous said...


Remember that each AS carries no associated weighting. This also implies nothing can be deduced by how many AS's fall under a particualr LO. Having said that it is true that some AS's spell out or imply a lot more content than others. The content framework should be tha main guideline in th setting of papers as this is effectively the 'fleshed out' content dervied from the AS's for us

Dr Pam Miller said...

The LPG is so important! The LOs and ASs give the focus.