Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where are we now and future of IT/CAT

Many computer teachers attended a meeting at the Centre for High Performance Computing of the CSIR in Rosebank yesterday I saw the largest computer I have ever seen.

Many things came out of the meeting and the discussions afterwards. They are listed below.
1. - Students wishing to study Computer Science at UCT do not need to have studied Computer Science/Programming/IT at school
2. - Information Systems is a good subject to study as it applied business subjects in a computer environment
3. – We need to train IT teachers
4. – CAT is important as students learn personal productivity tools
5. – CAT should get greater recognition / credit at university as an entrance subject

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Grant Hillebrand said...

Hi Pam,
I would really like to see CAT designated - most universities are going to insist that students take a course like this, but won't recognise CAT! I know that the IEB supports the designation of CAT, Tourism and Design.

What can we do to 'support the cause?'

Grant Hillebrand