Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gr 12 PAT Introduction

I introduced the Gr 12 PAT to my learners this week. I used the PowerPoint available here to illustrate my introduction. The learners found the presentation most useful. They now have this weekend to think of their topic and then we will start on Phase 1 due in February. They discussed topics in class. I told them that the topics had to be ones which I understood, i.e. they could not do anything about organising the irrigation system to the sports fields. The topics they will probably select are about dances, tours, elections, managing discipline and detention, field trips, etc. They are most excited and after Omewa really feel confident about doing it.


Mrs Coetser said...

Thank you. This is very useful.

My first class is on Monday, 22Jan.

I busy preparing to do work off-line for the next week.

All 6 my periods with my grade 12's are during the times that the electricity will be out in my area. I am very concerned.

graeme said...

Sorry - your Phases are incorrect in your Power Point Presentation!

Phase 1 - this should include both your Phase 1 and 2.

Phase 2 - this is where you state where the info that you required in Phase 1 is going to be found.

Anonymous said...

hallo,am one of the l2grade learnes who is doing pat,am asking for help on my pat.i have only done my phase1 only and am reasearching about water.I do not know where to start