Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gr 12 PAT Phase 1

For the PAT you have to find a solution to a local resource problem and present the solution to the local municipality. You need to investigate various solutions, and present them all showing the best solution for the local municipality.
When you do phase 1, you should have done a great deal of background reading and thought of 4-5 possible solutions to your problem. In phase 1 you plan how to get full detailed information about all of the solutions. This information must be proveable, i.e. the name of a person who made a statement, the results of a survey to prove a point, the URL where you found a fact. In order to get enough details to solve a problem you need to ask questions on at least 4 levels.
The application packages are not important yet – they will become obvious as you collect the information. We create clear questions so we do not waste time, so we know that we are investigating things that will help us solve the problem.
Second year students doing the CAT ACE course at CPUT were given the PPTs Information management and the PAT and Phase 1, and the Gr 12 PAT instructions. They had to do their PAT on printer problems in the CAT class using the rubrics from the Gr 12 PAT. Here are 3 examples of their Phase 1 – Shah, Van der Berg and Van Staden. Look at the Description of the task, Main question and then the Questions. All of the examples have good points!

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