Monday, March 9, 2009

Gr 12 PAT

The PAT is based on the Research Cycle or the Big 6 Information Management Model
The students doing the Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) in CAT at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology have created some PPTs to shortly explain the Research Cycle or the Big 6. Please have a look and possibly use them with a class to introduce the PAT. If you use them perhaps you can thank the creator – their email is in the Slide 1 notes page. Please email me PRIVATELY telling me which is the best PPT and why – Thanks.
Barbara Anyster, Johan Barkhuizen, Sandra Botha, Patricia Carelse, Andile Desha, Pumza Dinga, Oscar Lang, Thabisa Matwa, Beauty Mxuma-Nongogo, Nomasomi Nongoko, Tertia Shah, Lindsay Van der Berg, Alexander Van Stade, Dawood Wakefield, Russel Williams


Anonymous said...

These are good! Congratulations to all students.

Anonymous said...

I dont know whether this is the right platform to vent my disappointment, but nevertheless.
Re - ACE Course
(The students are doing a great job : congratulations).

I applied for the ACE course as well and chose to the option to have classes during the week.
Somebody from CPUT phoned to inform me that my application was successful and that I had to come in to register.

This excited me as I wanted to do this course. On enquiring about the time of classes, I was informed that it would take place on Friday evenings and Saturdays.

How great the disappointment as I prefer not to do any work-related events From Friday Sunset to Saturday Sunset.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew who Andy was, and what is his email/phone number so I could talk to him.

Anonymous said...

Andy, the right platform for your complaint is to approach the university re the ACE course. If it was so important you should have cleared it with the University beforehand.

Perhaps you could change your time factor from Saturday sunset to Sunday sunset as we cannot run a course on a Sunday. And perhaps when you attend the graduation ceremony for the ACE you will consider that having to work 10-15 hours a day (including Sat/Sun) was worth the sacrifice in hindsight. Enjoy your ACE.

Anonymous said...

My learners enjoyed watching the slide shows and hopefully they will remember and use the knowledge obtained. Thank you to all the students. You are great!

Anonymous said...

I am always delighted to see the work produced by our ACE students. So folks, I know you have to read this blog and I want to thank you for the effort and the interest you have displayed in these presentations.

Keep up the good work. I will see you all (2nd yrs) on Friday 27 March at 18:00 in Room 2.26