Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gr 10 May Practical Paper

The Grade 10 learners wrote their Practical paper today. I believe it is a CAT paper and not a Computer Studies SG paper.
I believe that CAT requires the learners to transmediate information, taking information in one format, processing it and presenting it in another format. The learners ‘worked’ with the information, they had to think about the information they worked with. LO2 and 3 were well covered, as well as some Developmental Outcomes. As the paper was on Global Warming I believe they learned something of value doing the Practical paper.
The paper started off with an easy question where they had to DTP a word document, very simple. They could ‘see’ what had to be done in the Appendix which was provided to assist those who could not ‘read’ instructions.
Then they had to tidy up a transcript from a Google chat, a fairly open-ended question.
Question 3 involved creating a poster, getting the key ideas from the Google transcript. This is what CAT is all about – using and processing information and presenting it!
Question 4 involved file management.
Question 5 required the learners to create a CD cover using images from the file management question and presenting them in a suitable way, as well as creating their own image.
Have a look at the paper. Data files for the paper are available on my Exam page.

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