Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Text book or no text book

The use of a good textbook has made me a better teacher. I used to develop my own material when I taught Computer Studies, and I developed many many lessons. I will not dwell on what was wrong with my teaching using all those lessons. Rather I will discuss why I am doing a better job now teaching CAT with a textbook.
I give my learners a list of all the activities from the textbook which they are expected to complete that week. I expect them to use their textbooks and do those activities. They do the required work and I spend my time circling every row, past every learner, past every work station, for the whole lesson, giving help where needed, for the whole lesson. Therefore I am on my feet the whole lesson going around the room. The learning is facilitated by the textbook with my assistance.
Individualised teaching - Every child works at his/her own speed. The learners get almost individual lessons, depending on their needs.
Individualised learning – All the learners work at their own speeds. The NCS expects us to manage learners with different skills in a class. A textbook allows us to do that.
ALL skills taught – I know that the textbook I use has covered all the skills that are meant to be taught.
As a teacher I have a life! – I know that the work is being covered well and the learners get my knowledge!
Initially in the past some departmental officials frowned upon textbooks. Well, I know that I am doing a better job WITH a good textbook.
A good textbook is like a work of art. It is the sum of a group of inspired leaders in their field of expertise. It is beautiful to behold and lends itself to inspiring interest in and exploration in the subject. It also provides a foundation for the teacher to build upon.

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