Sunday, May 27, 2007

Afrikaans Internet Quiz

Kyk na die Internet Quiz wat deur 'n onderwyseres geskryf is. Die meeste van die vrae laat 'n mens dink, en is toegepaste kennis. Hulle is goed!


Mark said...

Hi Pam

A few years ago I used one of your templates to create MCQ's for physics which worked quite well until learners found out that they could reset the thing all the time to score higher mark. On teaching them a little about webpages they figured out that you could view the answers in the code. My learners learnt something else besides Physics. However, that was a learning experience for me too. I have tried in doing it in excel, but because do not teach any longer and time is not on my side I gave it up.

Keep up the good work.

Rosalyn Rowe said...

Pam I'm very impressed with the quizzes. Makes all the sacrifices worthwhile. I am also fascinated by your Blog. I think it is very professional.