Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gr 12 textbook

Have a look at the wonderful cover of the Grade 12 CAT textbook. Three of my learners are on the page! The book will be available soon! I have seen most of it - it is so good and focuses on the NCS, LPG and SAG well.

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:: Jayden :: said...

Good to see the new text book :) I'm also very impressed to see that you're blogging now... I'll be writing my CompTIA Network+ exam in the next few weeks and it's the largest amount of studying that I've ever had to do. My CSSG textbooks definitely came in handy as they gave me just a slight 'tinge' of what was to come, and it really help. At least i didn't feel completely lost! :)

Keep up the great work, Dr M! You're doing an awesome job!