Sunday, February 20, 2011

Input device

We saw a fingerprint identification login system at Ocean Basket today. Next time you are there watch the till / point of sale (POS) area and see how the staff login to the computer and enter details of what you ordered, and then again to print the bill. If they have dirty fingers they just wipe them on their pants, and with their clean fingers login. I believe the touch screen may get dirty but clean fingers are necessary for identification. We may be moving to the controls mentioned in the book and movie '1984' but I think it such a clever idea.

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Lohann said...

I have seen several laptops and netbooks with finger print readers which the user can use to log into the machine without using a username or password.

That and the growing use of icons is leading me to believe that William Gibson was very prophetic in the writing of his book Virtual Light.