Monday, August 20, 2007

Gr 10 PAT from the Gr 10 SAG

Some teachers made these comments about Phase 1 of the Grade 10 PAT in the 2007 SAG. Some of these comments are applicable to other PATs as well.
• Scenario and questions must focus on the same subject.
• The scenario sets the area of the problem. The big question must come from that scenario.
• The scenario must show an information need.
• The questions must come from every category, i.e. factual, investigative, change, comparison
• Suggest learners put the questions into a table under the different categories.
• The questions must be answerable.
• Limit the work to the time available – do not write a thesis.
• Indicate the type of information supplied, e.g. is it going to be used for calculations in a spreadsheet or for answering in text format.
• Number the questions so that the numbering can be used in the next phase/stage.

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