Sunday, August 5, 2007


I have been thinking and 'broeiing' about the PAT a lot lately.

We are working on the assessment for the Gr 11 OMEWA PAT and also creating a PAT for Grade 10. What I have realised: One has to finish most of the practical work before starting with the PAT.
• In Grade 10, the learners HAVE TO be finished with most of the word processing and must know the basic Excel. How can they plan a PAT which must include all the practical skills if they have not done it?
• In Grade 11 Access is part of the PAT. They have to have a basic knowledge of Access and what can be done with it, before starting their PATs.
This means that all your Grade 10 & 11's are going to be busy with PATs during part of term 3 and term 4.
How will one cope with all the marking?

The PAT is such an important exercise. We just have to make it work! Apart from the fact that the learners have the chance to show what they can do, and can really be creative, they get the chance to work on a big project which we try to make as real life as possible! And I'm sure they learn so much while doing the PAT!

I, personally, cannot see how we can 'tone down' the assessment sheets and still make sure that we have assessment that is objective, and the same in all cases.

Let us hear from you who are also doing OMEWA and whose learners have handed in their Phase 1 & 2.

How did it go? Did your learners ask good questions? If their questions are poor, before they start Phase 3 we must guide them into changing and improving their questions. Seems like that is another topic to be discussed ...

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